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First time making mead questions?


Registered Member
Nov 18, 2020
4 weeks ago i've done my first two batches of mead.

One is a traditional mead:

4kg (8.81 pounds ) of honey for 10 litres (2.64 gallon) batch with a starting gravity of 1.139.

Additives: I've made a so called tannin tea (black tea, some raisins and orange peels).

The other is a Hydromel

2kg (4.4 pounds ) of honey in a 8 litres (2.11 gallon) batch ( made it with less water because my carboy was only around 10 litres ( 2.5 gallon). The SG was 1.085

Additive: around 30 grams of chopped raisins

My question is

I've racked the Hydromel to secondary several days ago ( was a little messy since my syphon didn't start smoothly) and removed the raisins ( they were grapes by then lol ) from it.
Its currently sitting in a smaller carboy filled almost to the top ( very little headspace). It's SG after racking was about 1.032 ( witch is around 7.2 %ABV) but i could have taken a wrong reading with my hydrometer.

How long should i keep it in secondary? Its still cloudy and there are new lees forming at the bottom of the carboy. From what i can see , the yeast is still very much active too.

Also when should i rack the traditional one or should i rack it at all ?

Sorry for the wall of text but its my first time trying this and i'm kinda nervous :)

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