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First Trad Batches (tupelo and meadowfoam) and ?? new location for Gotmead Calculator

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Nov 29, 2013
Midwest USA
Good afternoon all:

We think we are ready to try our hand at making a traditional mead. We have ordered (2) gallons of each meadowfoam and tupelo honey. We will make two batches. One of each type of honey.

Q1 - Are there any suggestions for the best yeast to preserve/enhance the aromas of the Tupelo Batch and the Meadowfoam Batches? I saw a series of posts from Loveofrose about his meadowfoam but did not see the yeast identified.

Q2 - Second, we were going to use the Gotmead Calculator to see if we could back into our recipes but I am not sure where is has been relocated to.

Q3 - Would you suggest fermenting dry and backsweeting or ending the fermentation when the FG came in range?

Batch 1 Tupelo
Yeast - TBD
Honey - 12 Pounds
Water - unknown - goal to end with a FG of 1.005-1.010. What OG should I am for?

Batch 2 Meadowfoam
Yeast - TBD
Honey - 12 Pounds
Water - unknown - goal to end with a FG of 1.005-1.010 What OG should I am for?

Thank you all!
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Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Mar 17, 2004
Chicago area formerly Netherlands
We have mead calculator downloaded....its around here somewhere....

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Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Nov 9, 2012
First Trad Batches (tupelo and meadowfoam) and ?? new location for Gotmead Ca...

Q1 - Yeast
First, tupelo is my favorite honey. I've tried DV10, KIV1116, and Wyeast 1388 (BOMM) with this honey. By far the best is Wyeast 1388 with a bonus of being ready in a month. DV10 has good flavor, but the aroma is lost more. KIV1116's ester profile actually fights the tupelo instead of enhancing it.

Meadowfoam. I've only tried Wyeast Dry mead. So far, I cannot recommend it. As soon as I can get some more meadowfoam honey, I will go with Wyeast 1388.

Q2- Calculator
Site is under renovation so it may be a while.

Q3 - FG
It is best to ferment dry then:
A. Step feed honey until your yeast give up and you have the FG you want.
B. Stabilize and backsweeten.
I can only do A. Due to a sulfite allergy.

Tupelo is best in the FG of 1.005-1.010 in my hands.
I would say meadowfoam will definitely need some backsweetening as well.

Hope that helps and welcome to gotmead!

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Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Aug 2, 2012
San Diego, CA
I am sure loveofrose's advise is excellent; I have not tried Wyeast 1388 - a Belgian Strong Ale yeast. I will need to try it soon.

loveofrose does not mention the alcohol tolerance of 1388, but I believe that it is good for an ABV of at least 12%, as are all of the wine yeasts I have used. If you put your entire gallon of honey in your primary, it will ferment dry with most yeasts at an ABV around 11.5%.

If you are making 5 gallon batches, it seems you will need to hold back some honey, stabilize after primary and backsweeten. 1-1/2 pounds of honey will get you about +0.010 SG. If you ferment 10-1/2 pounds of honey dry, your mead will be about 10% ABV.

The other option would be to make smaller batches and use loveofrose's step feeding option.

I believe this is a clone of the GotMead calculator: http://meadcalc.freevar.com/
And Noe saved a copy of the GotMead calculator HERE.
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