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Hi, all!

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Worker Bee
Registered Member
Jul 6, 2005
Hello! It's been ages since I stuck my head into this tent -- it's been a weird journey that's included a bunch of movement between jobs and locations over the past nine years! I've been thinking about getting back into meads (and beers), but haven't quite found the opportunity. I've also seen the advances in the art and craft of making mead over the past 20 years (and frankly, all the talk of incremental feedings, etc, etc, have sounded kinda intimidating to me!).

I've been settled in at my current place for almost a year now, and have been telling myself "when summer heat goes away, I should think about a mead!", but I've also been wondering how to pull it off in the smaller place in which I now live.

I always loved the quick-and-dirty "Welch's Grape Juice melomel" recipe, but an opportunity presented itself yesterday: I was in Erie, and picked up four quarts of concord grapes. I'm thinking that this is around five pounds. Now... I could make jelly, or just juice, but... I've got melomel on my mind.

Has anyone made concord melomel from fresh grapes? Any ideas? Yeast recommendations? Proportions? Recipes?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Honey Master
Registered Member
Jan 1, 2018
Montrose, CO
Hi, and welcome back! :giggle:
I don't have too much to contribute to your questions, but have a few thoughts. Going from juice to straight grapes will be a completely different impact. Are you going to crush them, use the skins, juice them, etc.? That might have an impact on how big of a batch to make. You can always buy some juice to back-flavor/sweeten with in secondary too.
I've made a few pyments using wine grape juice and some skins. While I try to match the yeast a bit to the grape variety (or any other ingredients for that matter), the main component to match the yeast to is the honey you'll be using IMHO.
If you don't have the time and/or space to experiment any, then maybe go with something a bit more neutral for yeast --> K1V, EC1118, DV10. These are good workhorse yeasts that may not be too picky about conditions.
Don't be a stranger (like I've been for a few months!) - let us know how it goes.
Good Luck!
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