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Hopped Braggot

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Registered Member
Aug 8, 2018
New Hampshire
It is difficult to find Braggot's where I am so I am going to have some fun trying to make something that I enjoy.

I have just one recipe at this time but hope to start 3 batches this year. All will be similar so that I can see what small changes can do to each batch.
I don't like bitter hops but have had hops in mead that were great. Aroma and taste with a low level of bitterness is my objective. I am a Mead drinker from sunrise to sunset, it's the greatest thing on earth in my opinion so honey heavy is better than hop heavy.
My understanding of a Braggot is a balanced honey/beer beverage. By Mazer standards has a minimum of 20% honey (which I think is insanely low and is more of a honey beer at that ratio, but I am not a Mazer, just a drinker.)

Recipe 1

1.5lb Wildflower honey (added post boil)
.75 lb Munich crushed malt (45min)
.25 lb Victory crushed malt (30 min)
.1 lb Caramel crushed malt (25 min)

.1oz Willamette (20m)
.1oz Cascade (20m)
.1oz Willamette (10m)
.1oz Cascade (10m)

Yeast - Now this I have no idea. To make a good Braggot am I shooting for an ale yeast or wine? I have come across so many answers but none have struck me as the right one for me. I do have the ability to speak to a Mazer typically 2 or 3 minutes per week but I am unsure if he has done a Braggot himself.

Thanks for any input!
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members