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How do you drink your mead?


Worker Bee
Registered Member
Jan 5, 2016
Spain, Europe
So i was wondering, how do you guys drink/serve your/each mead and why?
Some examples:
Do you drink your mead cold, at room temp, or even hot?
On a wine glass, normal glass, drinking horn, shots, or whisky glass?
Do you drink them alone or do you drink them while eating or in apperitives?

I guess i also want a take on why you do this and if you do the same with all your meads (probably most dont). Mead is not as extended as wine so i also though maybe someone commercial (or someone planning to go commercial or with more experience in this tasting area) could chime in and explain what makes a mead better to drink cold or at room temp, etc.

I've been doing this for over a year now and at the start i liked my meads at room temp. But now im starting to discover some are great cold too. Some in a point in between. And other people say hot mead is great too, altough the ones i tried did not make that good an impact. Most of us also drink on wine glass but i love high ABV and sweet meads so ive had them served as shots with friends or whisky glasses too. My point is there are many ways of enjoying them, and this could serve to share what we do and give ideas to others.

I'll start.
I prefer light (by this i mean meads that dont have a super strong flavour or ABV and are dry) cold and in wine glass. I usually drink them alone with no food since i dont drink that much when eating but would love to know what to pair them with. Strong flavoured meads like cinnamon or sweet ones i enjoy most at room temperature or even better chilled (10ºC or so) in a whisky glass, sometimes after eating. I have yet to buy a drinking horn but that is definetely on my to-buy list. I've tried cinnamon mead and black tea mead hot and i did not like them that much.


Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Sep 1, 2013
Saratoga Springs , NY
I think it depends on the type of mead. Low ABV meads I drink like cider or beer and high ABV meads I drink like a wine. The high ABV meads I like with a meal and the low ABV meads I drink while relaxing (ha ha ha)..


Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
May 23, 2015
I think it depends on the type of mead. Low ABV meads I drink like cider or beer and high ABV meads I drink like a wine. The high ABV meads I like with a meal and the low ABV meads I drink while relaxing (ha ha ha)..
Ditto. I like mead at room temp and drink it like wine. Cysers I like carbonated and cold like cider, and a bit sweeter than straight mead.


Registered Member
Sep 11, 2016
Papillion, NE, USA
I tend to make high ABV cisers (18%+), and I prefer them at room temp or slightly chilled (50-70*F)... That being said these tend to be an off-dry ciser that is very clean. I've tried it with foods, but I mostly enjoy it as either a before or after food beverage. usually in a tumbler or whisky glass.

My problem (that is soon to be solved!) is that I never seem to have enough of it...


Registered Member
Dec 27, 2016
Trying something new in my glass of traditional semi-sweet mead today.
I have a side project of adding real cherry brandy (Kirschwasser) to a jar of drained maraschino cherries and letting them age for a week or more.
The cherries have been mellowing for 3 weeks now, so I plopped one in the glass of mead.
Other than a classy look, it did not add much to the flavor, but toward the end you can pick up the extra flavor. Not bad!
Biting into the cherry, almost knocks you off your feet.