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hydrometer reading


Registered Member
Feb 11, 2006
I just received a standard brew testing hydrometer and am a little confused with the readings so I will post some imaginery readings here.
Suppose I get a first reading of 9 on the percent of alcohol scale. I later get a reading of 10 on the same scale. Obviously some fermentation has occured. The problem concerns the formula for finding the percent of alcohol. The instructions say 9-10*131= % alcohol. But I get a result of -130100.000% for these imaginary readings. I can't see how this is a percent of alcohol. The results make me think I have something wrong in the formula. Something like the order of the computations. Could someone convert these imaginary readings properly for me so that I can see something a percentage.
I realise with two readings so close the difference will be very small. I guess my confusion is in the negative value of the results. As soon as this batch seems finished I will start out knowing the first must reading of the raw ingredients. So far I am only using bottled honey and well water with a lot of the honey. Like 50%. I am using only a tablespoon of convertedmilk kefir grains to provide the yeast for fermentation in 3 qrts of must so fermentation is slow. When I get more grains I intend to convert them also and add them to the must to speed up the fermentation.
Does any of this make any sense at all:>)?