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I know....another white flakes question

Barrel Char Wood Products


Registered Member
Aug 17, 2021
....It's for peace of mind as I learn. Anyways, I got some crystallized homemade honey from a local beekeeper and used it for a mead. First, time using honey more farm to table like this as usually I just buy from local stores. I'm used to seeing some white yeast boats etc, but in the picture these are more solid flakes and specks with no bubbles or foam on them. This is in the secondary now. Is this just wax from the honey or a possible infection? If you need more details let me know. Im very careful about sanitation and all that, and this is my seventh batch and the first time I've seen white flakes like this. It still smells good so I'm sure I'm overthinking it.


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Barrel Char Wood Products

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