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Ideas for 50 gallons of traditional mead


Registered Member
Dec 25, 2019
I currently have 50 gallon traditional mead that has been sitting in secondary fermentation for about 4 months. I am not a big fan of traditional and would like some ideas on a good recipe to add this late in the game for a great tasting mead. I have a hopped mead and a light hopped mead that are both good but I feel that needs to be done in primary. I really enjoy my blueberry and triple berry. Also have a Jalepeno lime mead I think is awesome. What else could I make at this point that would be a good seller for a newly opening mead and wine tasting house?


Worker Bee
Registered Member
Feb 15, 2020
Central California
Consider making it floral by adding some lavender, clove, or something like that. That could be nice! But do try and avoid the pot·pour·ri. lol Good luck! What state/city are you in?


Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Apr 1, 2015
Sierra Foothills, CA
You might come up with a few ideas. One approach would be to try each of them in small test batches (a quart, or maybe half-gallon) to see what you think works best as post-fermentation additions -- scaled down from the amount you would use in your full batch. It does not take a large sample to see how each idea would work. Then try bench-trials starting from your favorite, to you get find the right balance with your additions. From there, you can scale up to your full batch.


Lifetime GotMead Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Nov 3, 2014
You really need to tell us what your tasting notes are. The honey and yeast you used and what temp you ran it at. I make a few 45-gallon batches a year and age them in Bourbon barrels. That's a lot of mead to mess up and find yourself fixing this far into the game. Get some notes back to us to help you better. I would take 10 separate quarts and put some different cooking, baking spices in each to see where that takes you. I like fennel seeds in some trade. I've won medals with peppercorns before. Mushrooms, Dry-hopped, different teas added (chai tea) can be nice. I use oak in most things. Often times layers of different species and toast levels. Zest from different citrus. I added grapefruit zest to a bouchett once and it was mind-boggling good. Roasted cocoa nibs. Try different species. You can always blend

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