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I'm such a rookie


Registered Member
Oct 2, 2003
Well, I went and racked my first mead again. Still smells like hooch and sweatsocks. Tastes really sweet and hot with alcohol. Also had to add a lot of water to top off the carboy today. I don't think that'll hurt since its so potent with booze. I'm including all of my notes for you guys to look at. Please... be gentle. You'll notice in my notes I discovered that I had been misreading the SG. I think on a couple of reads(I don't know which ones) I read the balling scale. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[
Mead batch started primary fermentation on 14 Sep 03.

1 gal of bottled spring water
3lbs of honey, bulk clover
.5 oz White Labs Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast #WLP720

Must heated to 150 degrees for 45 minutes.
Racked, with about 1 pint of must missing from carboy.
Fermentation lock with tap water.

Swirled every day for first 10 days.
SG on 14 Sep 03: 1.102 (Potential alc 13.5)
27 September 03
Holy Cow! SG went to 1.002!(Alc content 13.5%!!!) All the yeasties were dead and buried and man that is some strong hooch!
Added an unkn amount of new honey-water (the ratio was 2 lbs of honey to 4 cups of water, but the amount of mixture is unkn) and remainder of yeast vial (this will probably be a mistake). But at least it’s better topped off and less air can interact with it.
With the addition of honey, I raised the SG to a whopping 1.120. Hopefully, this sweetens the wine more than raises the alcohol content (but I doubt it). I imagine it will be pretty potent when all said in done.

It currently has a lemon juice color.
The taste is something of a rough go, with the alcohol so high and the sugar so low. Reminds me of a lemon drop dipped in kerosene. God, I hope that time smoothes this out…
30 September 03
Flocculation was intense. It was like somebody dropped a pound cake in the bottom of the carboy. Racked it again because I was concerned of autolysis. Smelled like sweatsocks. Forgot to check SG.
15 Oct 2003
Mead very clear. Gravity: 1.028
Still smells like hooch and sweatsocks. Tastes too sweet and very hot with alcohol. Had to add water to top off. Too much splashing when I did this. I still remain unconvinced that this will turn into anything drinkable.
Also discovered that my some of my SG readings may have been from the balling scale. I have no idea what the damn ABV will be in the end.
I'm also crossposting this at Northern Brewer


Registered Member
Oct 2, 2003
er, is this going to be bad in the end? The comments from NB was to have patience.


Registered Member
Oct 10, 2003

I'm with the NB folks. Let it age out. I made a pineapple mead that smelled wonderful, but tasted like vodka when I first bottled it.

A year later, it's wonderful.



GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina

I'm *still* waiting for a buckwheat mead I made over 2 years ago to mellow. Some meads just take time. My first mead tasted like gasoline for nearly a year, then underwent a fairly rapid change in just over 2 months from ghastly to fabulous. It is still, to date, the tastiest mead I've ever made. I keep hoping I'll be able to duplicate it, but haven't been able to get it exactly....

Vicky - in Nashville the week of Oct 19