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International Mead Festival Commercial Mead Competition Winners

African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina

There were some *fun* meads this year, including a chile mead from South Africa, and a mead with cinnamon, apples and rooibos tea, from the same vendor.

And *dude*, you shoulda tasted the mead liqueurs offered by the Aussie meaderies, and the new line of hard cysers (10% to the usual 7% from commercial hard ciders) from Rabbits Foot. The Lemon was *totally* radical, we now call it Mikes *Really* Hard Cider (the owner is Mike Faul).

Our own Paul Holmes, now owner of Long Island Meadery, walked away with a gold in the cyser category, and this girl got a bottle to stash (muahahahahahaha).

Intermiel and Redstone once again dominated with their wares in other categories, not suprising since their meads are first rate. I think someday you'll be able to drop $200 on a 20-year old Intermiel, a Dom Perignon quality mead.

Both nights of tasting were *heavily* attended, and Saturday sold out!

Thats all for now, this kid is running on about 6 hours of sleep since last Thursday, and I'm about to drop. I'll get some pix and sound bites and such up maybe this weekend or early next week once I'm home.


Vicky - looking out over the mountains in Julia's home north of Boulder in the boonies
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members