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Is it good or not?


Registered Member
Mar 21, 2005
ok i'm sorry in advance. i KNow the answer to my question is around here somewhere, i'm pretty sure i found it before, but im looking everywhere now and i cant find it. But to the point...
I just moved mead from one container to another cleaner one after the the fermentation had stopped. (is that what racking is btw?) And it smells bad. Like someone poured gas/vodca in it. I know i read somewhere about the smell of kerosene or something of the sort on this site, but now i cant find it. Will the smell go away after i let it age, or should i just throw it away now? Also i think i read that raisins will help keep that from happening? Maybe that was for another reason. Anyway also im about to start another project. Im going to substitue the water for apple cider, and im going to add maple syrup to it. I will have a few cinnamon sticks chilling in the bottom, and maybe i touch of vannilla. Also thinking about some rootbeer flavoring. i think that would be interesting to add rootbeer, but im not too sure if i should do it this batch or not. i think i will already have too much flavor as it is. Any advise on whether or not i should add the rootbeer or even the vanilla would be much appreciated, and please tell me if the recipe sounds any good or not.


Registered Member
Jan 8, 2005
I am not an expert, but will pass along some info I learned from the locals.

Yes, racking is the process of transfering mead/must from one container to the next. It also entails leaving behind all/some of the lees(dead yeast and crud on bottom of bottle). Also in includes adding/removing fruits and other things you are adding.
There can be lots of off-smells from meads. Here is a link that Oskaar so graciously posted for us newbies that lists a bunch of the most common smells. Personally I would think a vodka/gasoline smell could be the aldehyde stuff which disappears over time, though everyone's sniffer works differently.


A few other points I have noticed on my time here, there are two semi-golden rules. A. If you need help, post the full recipe with as much info as possible, so the pros can help. They tend to get a bit grumpy if you don't.. B. If in doubt, wait it out.. A lot of stuff (not all) can be cured by leaving the yeasts to do their thing.
just passing along some info i learned, hope it helps..


Registered Member
Jan 9, 2004
One thing I have learned from several of the regulars here is that "if it tastes bad or smells bad, set it aside". Several things will age out of the mead. I know several people have said that they just set aside their "mistakes" for a year and often they are no longer mistakes! Personally, I have seen a dramatic change in flavor and smell in as little as 6 weeks! I wished I had had that advice before I threw away the lavendar mead! Oh well! That is how we learn!


Dan McFeeley

Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Oct 10, 2003
Hello Labba --

Hard to say what's causing the vodka/gas taste. Could be fusel alcohols. Take a look here for more info:


Letting it age should help, although it might be a year or so before the mead mellows and starts to taste really good.

Hope this helps!