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JAO and green fruit

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Registered Member
Dec 11, 2011
My last batch of JAO left me with oranges that had become VERY green above the water line, so much so they are almost black. I was afraid this was a real problem (some kind of mold), but when I racked off of the lees/fruit, I did not notice any off smells and the taste was perfectly fine. I went ahead and hit it with stablizers just in case there is the odd bacteria hanging out in there from overly oxidized fruit.

I guess I am wondering, is it oxidation or mold? I'm guessing just oxidation because there is not off smell/taste, but I wanted to make sure I don't ingest anything that could be harmful :)


Premium Patron
Premium Patron
It's probably niether (though you could call yeast a mold I suppose) auusuming you had it under an airlock there sould have been little O2 to begin with and a line I love from a berr brewing book says "nothing that can hurt you can live in beer" and I suspect that holds true for mead as well. An of course "the nose Knows"

Chevette Girl

All around BAD EXAMPLE
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Apr 27, 2010
Ottawa, ON
I've never had that happen before. If it didn't smell like mold though, you're probably fine. Did you get a chance to closely inspect the oranges after you'd racked the mead out from under them? Did the green/black rub off or anything? (sorry, due to my lab-rat nature, my tendency is to poke at anything I don't understand)

And oxidation is a primarily chemical process, it doesn't spontaneously breed bacteria.

If I have fruit that's sticking up through the surface of my JAO I do break the warranty and swirl it every few days just to make sure nothing funky happens.
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