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Just a couple of questions

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Registered Member
Aug 10, 2019
Lake Charles, La
I recently picked up home brewing after a several year absence and while I was on the Northern Brewer website decided to order their 3 gallon artisanal semi sweet mead kit. 7.5 lbs Ames farms honey, and yeast 4783 sweet white whine yeast. No clue what the OG was(I dropped the hydrometer). My question is about when to rack it to the secondary fermenter. I started it July 7th and there is still slow activity in The airlock. Am I supposed to wait for no activity in the airlock before I rack to my secondary?


Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Jun 4, 2016
Brookline, NH
It’s not recommended trying to figure out where you are at by counting bubbles. It would be better if you could buy a new hydrometer.

Temperature, how much (and what type) yeast you used, how much honey was used, nutrients. All will affect your fermentation rate.

That being said, you are probably done or close to being done. But you REALLY need a hydrometer to be sure.
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members