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K, I'm intreagued.


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Nov 4, 2008
Pacific Northwest
Where do I sign up?

How do I get involved?

Where are meetings/rendezvous?

My parents used to be in the SCA and I remember vividly running around at meetings and gatherings when i was younger. My folks are musicians though, so I know little of the brewing guild, just that they often came round once we got things going.:) But I lost interest until perusing this little corner of the site. Mead and olde tymes just go hand in hand don't they?

Anyone still a part of the SCA? Anyone located in An Tir? the websites are kinda down...


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Jul 12, 2004
Phoenix, Az
A few years ago I did a search of the known world looking for SCA brewers guilds.
I posted the list here.


I'm afraid it hasn't been checked or updated since it was posted.

this is what I was able to find real quick that might be of help

Kingdom of An Tir
Mad Brewer's Guild

Barony or Dragon's Laire
Barony or Dragon's Laire Culinary And Spirit Makers Guild