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k meta and carbonation

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Registered Member
Aug 12, 2014
Ok so I did something stupid.with a strawberry session melomel that I've made 20 times. In a nutshell I use strawberries, yeast, honey in primary and rack onto more berries to finish. I had one restart after racking (no doubt bad hydro reading on my part) and in a panic hit it with k-sorb and k-meta at the standard dose, not thinking that it might screw yeast/sugar bottle carb. Can I rescue it or do I have to buy a bunch of gear to force carb in the bottle?


Got Mead? Patron
GotMead Patron
Jun 4, 2016
Brookline, NH
While I don't know.....

You could try bottle carbing, one bottle, while the rest of it is "aging".

I found this, about K-meta:

And this about K-sorbate:

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