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Logging in on the new site - IMPORTANT


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
Hi Patient Users,

(Some of you may see this twice, I'm sending it out to both forum users and site users, and there's some overlap, sorry)

I've been researching this login issue (this content management stuff is *complicated*) and have discovered what I think is at least part of the problem.

1. If you have been here since before the new site layout (this one), and have a forum ID, you may or may not have a site ID. The way to check is to log into the site using your forum ID and password. This *should* copy over your forum ID, but it might ask you to verify a second time. Then you should be good.

2. If you've come since we wrapped the forum (last month), then you might have a site ID, but not be able to log in to the forum. The way to fix this is to log into your site ID (left column), make sure your password is 8 characters, save, then try to log into the forum. It may ask you to re-verify, this is part of the copy process, just go ahead and do it. Then you should be able to log into the site, and be logged into the forum automatically.

3. If you've manually created *both* a site ID and a forum ID, they need to match exactly. Make sure both ID's have the same ID, password and email address (8 character password). If they don't, or you can't make them match (like if the IDs are different), then email me at gotmead@gotmead.com and I'll help you get it fixed.

If neither of these methods work, then you need to drop me a line at gotmead@gotmead.com and we'll look into the problem and get you fixed up. With luck, once we get the forum and the site all synchronized, this problem will cease.

So, here's the story. The forum requires, for security purposes, that you have a password with at least 8 characters. The new site login didn't specify that. I've fixed *that*. But, meanwhile, folks didn't know. My bad.

The thing is, the forum and the site now *share* IDs and passwords, even though they keep them physically separate, the site login will log you into *both* the forum and the site, if your ID is set up correctly.

So, some folks have a site ID, but with less than 8 characters, which whould keep them from logging into the forum. And some have a forum ID, but created a site ID separately, which may or may not have the same password.

What it comes down to is this: Your site ID (the login in the left column) and your forum ID have to *match exactly*, because the site and forum are actually 2 separate programs.

So, if you are *still* having trouble logging into the site or forum, let me know at gotmead@gotmead.com, and we can get you squared away.

I apologize *profusely* for the problem, I've been working on several projects, and just didn't anticipate the logistical issues created by the 2 programs.

Thanks for your patience,


Registered Member
Mar 18, 2006
I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but just tonight when I registered (again - since it didn't work the first time), within the TOS explanation, it stated to be sure to create a password containing 6 characters instead of 8.

You may wish to correct that so as to clear up some complications in the future.

On an aside, I wrote a thank-you note (well, sort of) to you in my first post over in the NewBees section. ;D

Thanks again for your help. :D