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Lunar Rendezbrew LRXII

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Senior Member
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Dec 8, 2004
Here's a notice from the Yahoo mead group that I'm taking the liberty of cross-posting here. This sounds like a great event for anybody able to attend.


From: "Mr. Drysdale" <mikedianewhite@...>
Date: Fri Jun 3, 2005 7:18 am
Subject: Lunar Rendezbrew LRXII

Each year in July the Bay Area Mashtronauts of Houston Texas hold
the Lunar Rendezbrew Homebrew Competition. BAM's competition always
coincides with the anniversary of the first lunar landing. This
years awards party will be held on the 36th anniversary of Apollo
XI; Sunday July, 24th at the Seabrook Community Center in Seabrook
Texas just a few miles east of the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

This will be BAM's twelfth annual event. The competition concludes
on Sunday afternoon with a big awards ceremony and party with lots
of food, music, games and homebrew!

All entires will be due by July 9th at Defalcos Beer and Wine
Supplies in Houston, Brew Stop Homebrew Supplies in Houston and Brew
It Yourself in Spring Texas.

Medals will be awarded for first through third in all BJCP
categories. Some categories may be combined depending on the number
of entries received.

This year; medals will be awarded for Alternative Beverage's which
include meads, ciders, wines and liqueurs.

Please check www.mashtronauts.com in the next few weeks for online
entry and details about the competition including judging.

If you have any questions about the competition please email me or

We would love to see entries from all over the country.

Mike "Mr. Drysdale" White
Pilot (VP) Bay Area Mashtronauts
Barrel Char Wood Products

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