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Major Upgrade coming!


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
Hi everyone!

I am in the scary and overwhelming job of designing a new upgrade for Gotmead. We are taking it from the very old software it runs on and doing a HUGE upgrade to the latest and greatest versions of Joomla (the site) and Vbulletin (the forum). I plan to do this in January.

There will be a bold new design, updated layout, and a (hopefully) much more accessible presentation, making it easier to find information on the site.

So before I do all this, I am asking you, the Gotmeaders, what *you'd* like to see in a New Gotmead. I can't guarantee that I can do everything (I'm good, but not God, LOL), but I want to know what y'all want to see in your vision of a perfect Gotmead.

Put it out there, and let me know what you'd like to see.

Going forward, now that I've gotten some of my life back, I plan to be around here a lot more, and there will be much more updating and new news on Gotmead.

So have at, let me know what you want to see!!

Happy Holidays!