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Maple Blueberry beer


Registered Member
Nov 21, 2012
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Hi everyone!

So me and a friend who's been doing homebrew for a little while asked me to do a batch with him and since blueberries are in season we decided to try to make one with maple syrop also.

So the thing is that he usualy just buy the canned mix and last time we used moulton(?) blonde which was pretty good but now he wants to do it from scratch. I said great! And now he tells me he doesn't understand how it works...

So today i'm going to pick up John J. Plamer's 'How to brew' to help us out but i was wondering if any of you had any idea on how much maple syrop to use for a 5gallon batch.

I've look at some recipes online and i understand most of it but like everything is the quantities that varies from taste.

If you have any hints or tips please help me out

Thank you



Premium Patron
Premium Patron
Nov 13, 2012
Houston, TX
My last batch was a Maple Nut Brown Ale, and I believe I used around 2 cups total. 1.5c in at the end of the boil, then another .5c at bottling for priming. And it has a slight hint of maple to it. but it's over carbed and needs to go flat and warm up a bit to taste it.

Depending on just how much maple flavour you want, I would probably add more at the end of the boil, and definitely use it for priming so it has that little bit extra hit right at the end.

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