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MLD (Mead Lover's Digests) updated/added


Senior Member
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Dec 3, 2003
Brisbane Australia
All the MLD archives have finally been added/updated from the original 1992 digests to now.

Just a reminder:

You can browse and search them from the GotMead Home site
(Recipies & Meadmaking -> Mead Research -> MLD Archives)

which is also http://www.gotmead.com/mldarchives.html

To search for a particular MLD digest, use a format like #0436 to look for digest number 436.

Examples are

  • to locate digests 40 to 49, search for #004
  • to locate digests 400 to 409, search for #040
  • to locate digests 460 to 461, search for #046
  • to locate digests 400 to 499, search for #04 (it displays over two pages)
Use the "GotMead Home" search, NOT the Forum search facility to search for text within the digests.


Missing archives (never published): #87, #439


Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC

Nicely done. This is a real asset to meadmakers everywhere and a credit to the faithful caretakers of the MLD over the years. Most recently Dick Dunn who has done a fantastic job of keeping the digest going, and everyone on a level playing field.

Thanks so much for all your work on this project!

Cheers, Pete