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Multiplication Error?

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Registered Member
Jan 28, 2008
Hi all,

Just a quick series of questions again. I took the recipe found here:


Except I wanted a 3 gallon batch. So I just multiplied all the the ingredients by 3.

My questions are:

The recipe says 2 months and maybe a few days...has my multiplication extended/shortened my wait?
How do I know when a mead has "cleared"...is that just when the liquid has become transparent?

Have I totally botched this batch?


PS - This was my first attempt at making mead.


Certified Mead Mentor
Certified Mead Mentor
Jun 26, 2006
Ithaca, NY
It may take a little longer to clear a larger batch, simply because the stuff has further to fall before it hits the bottom. Other than that, multiplication at this scale should work fine. You might have issues trying to get to a 100 gallon batch with the same theory, but 3 is totally fine.

Congrats on your first mead! Here's to many more :cheers:


Registered Member
Sep 25, 2007
there is a HUGE thread in one of these forums about Joe's Ancient Orange, you should read it as lots of people have the same questions you do. Simple answer: your mead is going to taste very strongly of orange...


Registered Member
Sep 4, 2006
if your going to spend the money on a larger batch you might consider some substitutions:

1. get orange blossom honey if you can find it (www.beefolks.com is a good source)
2. get some wine yeast to use instead of the bread yeast
3. use just the flesh and zest of the oranges to avoid the flavor of the pith(the white part of the skin)
4. you might consider racking it as soon as its cleared, or even as soon as its done fermenting.

even if you dont make substitutions, this one always turns out great. just follow the directions and itll be fine.

David Baldwin

Registered Member
Jun 29, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
I have had several very successful 3 gallon batches of JAO. Yes even using the bread yeast.

A couple of suggestions I have though:

1. Start it in a 5 gallon bucket. That gives you lots of space to mix the honey/water and introduce lots of oxygen to the must.

2. Be patient. It sometimes does take a bit longer to clear. If you are in a real hurry after the fruit drops, you can use a 2 part liquid fining agent and it will be clear in about 48 hours.

African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members