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Needed to help update Gotmead: Mead Hunters


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
OK folks, Gotmead has finally gotten so huge that I can't keep up (those of you snickering and saying it did that a long time ago, shut up, LOL).

This is in preparation for my summer project of a complete site overhaul (yep, that time again) that will include upgrades to all the latest versions of our site software packages, a new layout and a much more intuitive menuing system and maybe even a better search tool (stop cheering) if I can find one I like that is reliable. I have big plans for the site, and want to bring stuff up to date.

When I do this and dump over the 100+ MB of data that is the innards of Gotmead, I'd like to have our lists updated and cleaned up, and that and the codework to update the site is just too much work for Oskaar and I.

The first item of note is the meadery/supplies lists on the main site (yes, we have an actual website, not just a forum, LOL).

The growth of the mead industry has been phenomenal in the last 10 years, and I've fallen behind in getting meaderies, breweries, wine/mead shops apiaries and homebrew supply shops into the online list we have here:


This list is worldwide. And constantly changing. Gotmead users are all over the world too, so I want to really plump up the non-US parts of this list in the course of the upgrade.

What I would like to ask is this: Would you be interested in helping to make our list of mead and mead related suppliers complete? If so, you can add to this list, just by putting in new entries while you're logged in.

***I ask that you first check to ensure your entry isn't already there, and please send me an email if you find one that is incorrect, so we can correct it or remove it.***

So, I'm mobilizing the Gotmead Army to get this list in shape, so that anyone can find the resources they need, anywhere in the world. I will be adding to it myself, I'm currently updating my meadery list for the Mazer Cup International notifications and have got another 20-30 meaderies to add.

So if you'd like to help (and especially if you speak more than one language and can help us find and enter the meaderies, apiaries and brewing suppliers in non-English speaking countries, I found one in RUSSIA today!!), then let your fingers do the flying.

When we do the upgrade, a tool I'm hoping to add will be a worldwide map of these businesses, so you can view at a glance what is in your area.

Ideally, we need a name, address, phone, email, website and contact person. If that info isn't available, put in what you do have, and we'll track down and fill in the gaps (unless you'd like to track it down, I just spent a couple hours tracking down info on about 15 meaderies who for some reason were missing one or more of these on their websites, so it can be an adventure, LOL).

All entries will be held in the admin area for final approval by me, and I'll only sign off on legit stuff.

Please don't post off topic links or businesses in there. If you have a business you wish to advertise on Gotmead, then drop me a line and we'll talk, or submit a link under the links area on the main site.

If your business is one of the categories we have on this list, then by all means add it. There is a comment section where you can also describe the meads you make, honey you produce, or mead products or supplies you have in your shop. A basic entry is free. If you'd like to list your business with an enhanced entry including maps, your own page, etc. contact me for more info on rates.

Second item of note: Articles

Gotmead isn't just a forum, it also has over 2500 pages of information on the main site (no, really Vicky? Yeah, really, smartasses) I'm going to be archiving a lot of old stuff, and doing major expansions on several areas to freshen up the articles we have now.

Gotmead is about mead, and that means articles about meaderies, mead making, mead classes, etc. If you know of an article, wrote an article or would like to write an article, let me know. You can drop me emails with links, articles you've already written, or article proposals if you'd like to write one.

Gotmead gets upwards of 2,500 unique visits a day (over 70,000 unique visits and 4 million hits a month), so any article gets a lot of airplay, and generally rolls to the top of google pretty quick (type mead into a search engine...), and that is a lot of free advertising for your meadery, brewshop, wine shop or apiary. If you have a press release, article or something you'd like us to put up, send me a link or the article itself, and I'll post it.

Thanks for reading and I'm off to continue working on updating my worldwide meadery spreadsheet so I can upload it to the website.