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Neverending Party Mead



Anyone every made anything like this recipe below? I took the recipe from a message board I read that is not at all reated to mead. Sounded interesting and I was looking for some thoughts.


Can't find a web reference - I got passed it by word of IRC. Note that units are British imperial . Name removed to protect the innocent :) :

* I took the recipe from the Saga of "Odin and the mead of inspiration"
* took me two years to work out
* this is the party in a month version
* 3 or 4 lbs of honey, cheap stuff will do as long as its pure
* a champagne yeast
* scrape the honey out of the jar into a plastic measuring jug, fill the jar with just off boiling water to dissolve the remaing honey, pour this into the jug and stir with a fork till its all dissolved, add 2 jars of cold water
* pour into a sterilised demijohn
* repeat until the demijohn is 3/4 full
* if the honey/water mix is bloodheat or less, tip in the champagne yeast, fit airlock
* exactly one lunar month later you have a gallon of mead at 12% alcohol
* replace whatever you drink with honey/water in the same proportions of 1 honey to 3 of water
* it keeps going for years with maybe just a few grains of cracked wheat as nutrient for the yeast
* too sweet - wait a week, too strong - add more honey
* drink a couple of pints a week - just keep it turning over, otherwise it gets too strong to be nice


it sounds like it would work just fine, although I do not think that the results would be anything you would want to have more than a pint of. This allows for no time for settling or maturing, leaving you with a yeasty, bathtub gin taste.


Registered Member
Mar 15, 2004
Not to mention the likelihood of some sort of infection.

I think also that, while not impossible, it is unlikely that you would be able to keep the yeast alive very long. It is likely that they will die of alcohol poisoning relatively quickly.

Has anyone experimented with just how long you can keep the yeast alive and still have something drinkable at the end?


Registered Member
Jul 9, 2005
I have tasted a Welch's pyment using EC-1118 that was rolling for several months off the drink-it and-reload-it method. It tasted like sweet gasoline, but if that is your thing, then prost!

For a more mellow version of the perpetual mead, you could add in the young batch to the more mature for a midro-grade quicker-to-cup mead. Anytime you swill off the yeast, except wit or weisen, you are getting a different beverage from the one intended. However, that doesn't mean it is a bad beverage. Young mead can be some really rough stuff to swallow. My prized Cyser tried and true recipe tastes like 96 octane until at least 6-8 months.

To each his on. Yeast is very nutritious and the only ill effect is the alcohol which you should see coming from the first sip.

Wyeast 3347 Eau de Vie or Lalvin EC-1118 should keep going as long as it has new sugar, nutrient, and a new bottle periodically. Happy Homebrewing!