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no more fermentation?

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Registered Member
May 29, 2006
I'm making a batch of ancient orange, and things were going well for the first 2 weeks. It was bubbling away happily, but then, on week 3, fermentation almost stopped. There is no visible bubbling, but a few bubbles are trapped between the orange slices and the glass. It has cleared a tiny bit, but is still very opaque. I put in a little more yeast, but alas, no dice. I stole a sample and it had a very alcoholic taste. I did not deviate from the recipe at all, so I dont know what happened. Could someone give me some advice on what to do next?


Dan McFeeley

Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Oct 10, 2003
I'm with WW on this -- let it sit and see if it'll clear.

If possible (difficult since your typical JAO is a small batch) see if you can get a hydrometer reading. That will tell you if the batch is finished out or not.
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members
Etowah Meadery - Drink Unique