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Nutrient addition?

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Registered Member
Feb 22, 2008
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Hi :)

I'm making my second 25L batch. It's a Saskatoon Berry, Merlot Pyment.

I'm at the 2/3 break with an SG of 1.030.

I did the following Nutrient schedule (takent from "Hightest's" pdf:
In initial must - 5gm @ DAP & genericYeast Energizer
End of lag phase - 2.5gm @ DAP & Yeast Energizer
1/3rd Sugar Break - 1.5gm @ DAP & Yeast Energizer

My question is, do I need any further nutrient addition?

Medsen Fey

Fuselier since 2007
Premium Patron
I would say that you probably don't need to add any more nutrients at this point. As the fermentation progresses the yeast become unable to incorporate DAP, and they can only utilize amino nitrogen (such as found in Fermaid 2133). Generally, I find that Hightest's schedule uses more than I find necessary - I'm not saying it's bad, just that I seem to be able to use less and still have quick, complete fermentations.


Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron

Hightest developed his dosage schedule while working with traditional meads -- notoriously lacking in most nutrients. I always adjust the amounts downward for melomels, especially those using red fruits, which seem to have significant nitrogen content already.


Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC
I change my dosing schedule randomly just to piss people off! LOL (Just kidding)

However, on the more serious side I'm a firm believer in adjusting based on experience and the particular batch of mead you have under management at the moment.

For darker honeys and dark fruit (black, purple, red, etc) I pretty much go with standard wine dosages (except in strawberry sometimes depending on what I'm seeing in the fermentation kinetics), less dark fruit, I tend to adjust and go with smaller more frequent dosages. Traditionals and meths depend on the types of honey and spices being used.

To me it depends on the batch and how much experience you have with that type of mead, so I basically just adjust my regimen based on the batch and my recipe.

Hope that helps,

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