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Oak Leaf Cyser???

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Registered Member
Dec 14, 2019
Hey all, I'm a new brewer. I made my first batches 3 weeks ago (A Traditional, A Metheglin and a blood orange JOAM) and they're still bubblin' away and looking bootiful. I'm going to make some more next week. I'm going to do a cyser and an Oak leaf and a couple of others but my question to more experienced brewers that understand the flavours a bit better is- do you think an oak leaf cyser will work flavour wise??? I've tried oak leaf wine before and it was incredible but i've never had cyser so I've not got anything to go by really.
Also, steep the oak leaves and strain liquid before primary or actually brew em in there? I know you can do both ways but which one would people reccomend? Ta, good to be here.
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