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Registered Member
Jul 6, 2005
Just had to ask... does anyone from these parts go to Pennsic?

Now, I'm not a SCA guy (although a few friends back in college (Pitt) were), but my impression is that they're a pretty mead-friendly (-enthusiastic?) lot. As luck would have it, Pennsic is not too far from me in general, and downright close to the campground where my folks have an RV (and which I use as a base for some fishing at Lake Arthur).

Looking at the website for Pennsic, I see that it's not meant to be a place for tourist-y folk; you come, you participate (to whatever degree, i suppose). pretty intimidating for a non-SCA guy who just wants to mingle with mead-heads.

so, here's my question: if you go, do you do anything before or after, off-site? if not, are you interested in doing anything, perhaps as a prelude or a wind-down?

pretty much, I'm just looking to meet some folks from around here, and talk mead, and see what kind of knowledge and advice I can soak up...



Registered Member
Jan 8, 2005
Just my impression on Pennsic,
To me it seems to be a pretty serious "do or do not, there is no try" kind of mega-ren fest. Actually a bit too much for my tastes. I kinda got the impression that mead is seriously on the low end of the interest/notice list for pennsic. I know Pewter was working on having a mead tasting and discussion, but I am not sure of much more beyond that. You might want to dig through his posts, or ask him.
just my thoughts.


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
Au contraire! There are several mead classes being conducted, and my friends who've attended the last several years tell me that there is enough mead to fill a small lake....much drinking of home-brewed beverages occurs all the time!

Personally, I'm hoping to take a couple cases with me, and I plan to attend the mead seminars to take notes and see what they're talking about....

Vicky - sewing like a madwomen to get my clothing in order for a week in the PA heat....


Registered Member
Jun 2, 2005
Ah, Pennsic! I will be there someday! ::)

All of my friends here in Caid who have gone have mentioned the wide variety of meads available.

The quest is to find the people who make it and willing to share it. ;D

mka: Brian K