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Photo Posting - Please Read before posting photos

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Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC
I probably should have posted this directly in the photos for fun section rather than the GotMead news.

UPDATE: 09/16/2010 (arriba arriba!)

I made some adjustments this morning to the photo upload section and have increased the filesize limit to 2 Mb, and the pixel size to 800x600 per file.

If you're having issues and the file specs are within the parameters stated above please PM me and let me know. I'll probably want to look at your file as well.

Please note that this is a function of a forum, and not a specifically crafted app for photo storage and manipulation. We're not geared toward photo storage and album creation so please be aware. Also, we have limited space to store photos so please be cognizant and upload accordingly.

Thanks so much,

Not open for further replies.