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Presents regifted

The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers


Honey Master
Registered Member
Nov 21, 2013
The Boozevarian Village of Leavenworth WA
Well I ended up with some sweet presents from my niece this year! First there is two 5 gallon carboys (dirty, but 1/2 a cup of OxyClean is taking care of that. Second (or is that third?) is a MR.Beer kii. It was something she got a few years ago (before Coopers took it over), read the instructions, and put it away. Mostly due to the fact that she bought some cider kits from them and the yeast is specified to need 73ºF to 81ºF. I do now know many people that brew cider at 80ºF, or anything else for that matter!! I mean WTF? Really?? And on top of that you have to add sugar (1.5 cups) to "boost" it to a whopping 3% ABV It also included their bog standard "West Coast Pale Ale" and their "booster" (aka: Corn Syrup Solids) plus yeast and no rinse cleanser for the first batch of beer.
Now I've been at mead and mels for a little over 16 months now, I understand a good portion of mazing from basic to mid level, but some of the stuff they have down makes me go :BangHead::bs:. No way are we going to heat the house up to 75ºF plus for 2 to 3 weeks in the middle of Winter here (Last night: 3ºF, -4ºF with windchill) just to make a couple gallons of 3% ABV cider. Plus they really expect 2 gallons of beer to take up to 3 weeks to ferment out as well??

So in the name of rampant experimentalism I "adjusted" the beer recipe a bit. Did it all according to their steps, up until post pitch 48 hours. There was a teeny tiny bit of something happening, but not much, and NO krausen at all. So in went 1/2 tsp energizer, and 1/2 tsp Fermaid K (my scale finally died 2 weeks ago), and got some Krausen forming within hours of the additions. The yeasties seem much happier with the situation now.

The next major mod to my Mr. Beer is to plug the holes they have on the lip and install a proper airlock. Something about leaving my brew to sit there with exposure to Oxygen and all that just seems wrong.

When making the cider I'll just toss both cans of apple concentrate in with the additional sugars required (apple juice) and a yeast that does not require a Mid-Winters Nightmare in heating bills..

Any other fun things that people have been doing with their Mr. Beer?? Suggestions?? Links??

If nothing else this will be a great little experimental fermentor for me. I mean the ease of a 1 or 2 gallon batch, and a built in bottling spigot are super gravy for me.
The Only Mead Competition Judged by Real Buyers