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Quick Checkup - First Mead Going Well?


Registered Member
Mar 25, 2013
This is my first mead, my initial goal was a sweet mead but my 71B finished at 0.998. Putting it at 18% ABV.

So after fermentation finished (same gravity 3 weeks in a row) I was wondering why my mead was so cloudy. A few searches via Gotmwad.com lead me to a number of results. Ultimately I decided to transfer to secondary (had about 1/4" of yeast case ob the bottom).

I decided to take a sample today (1 week after racking for the first time) . It seemed like the clarity improved 10-fold!!! Still pretty cloudy but I can see through my thief. The flavor went from a hot alcoholic flavor to something I can barely tell is alcoholic, after only a week.

I was surprized at the difference and wanted to know if that was normal .

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