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Quickest way to cool a 6 Pack


Registered Member
Sep 1, 2005
Well I just watched this episode of Mythbusters and thought the information might help out those people who just want a cool drink. The mythbusters used beer in a variety of containers, water with salt and ice, just ice and water, and then just ice. Now to cool beer the quickest, in about 5 minutes you use salt, water and ice.

So next time you want to get your drinks cool quick, put into your ‘ drink cooler ‘ some ice, a fair bit of salt, and some water and five minutes later your drinks should be nice and cool.



Senior Member
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Dec 3, 2003
Brisbane Australia
They didn't show the effect of agitation (stirring). It is probably quicker if you stirred the ice/salt/water mix.