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Ranna's Brewery.



<img src="http://www.twu.net/~ranna/booze-ahol2.jpg" />
Top row: sack metheglin, test batches (lime mead, lime wine, floramel), strawberry-rhubarb mead.
Middle row: 10 splits maple wine (acer), 10 splits lemon-lavender-rosemary mead, wine chastity belt (heh heh...), wine rack (one bottle theamel tea mead, one bottle sparkling minteglin mint mead, one split acer test, one bottle Joe's Ancient Orange mead, a bottle of cheap commercial chianti, and a bottle of cheap commercial pinot grigio, both gifts. The pinot grigio was corked :eek:/)
Bottom row: beer.

<img src="http://www.twu.net/~ranna/booze-ahol1.jpg" />
Milk crate: bottles and racking equipment. Some splits in front.
Lower shelf: Honey, liquid ingredients (extracts, waters, and the like), dry spices.
Middle shelf: snifter for tasting, additives (campden tablets, fining ingredients, and the like), corker, hydrometer, syringes (!!!), airlocks, lids, carboy tops.

Viking Brew Vessels - Authentic Drinking Horns