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Raspberries pushing out the airlock

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Registered Member
Aug 6, 2018
Hello All.

This is my first time making mead, and I used the following ingredients.
3lb 4oz of Honey
1 gallon of water
3 cups raspberries
1 package of Lalvin D47 yeast

I warmed the water to around 90 degrees and added the honey
During the warming of the water honey mixture, I rehydrated the yeast at around 75-80 degrees
I added some of the must once it cooled to 80-85 degrees to the yeast.
After this I added the raspberries to the 1gal carboy, then poured the water honey mixture in, then I took my OG which was 1.012.
I added the yeast, and gave it a good mixing, added the airlock and put it in the basement to start my process.

The problem I am now having is the raspberries are floating to the top, and they are pushing the airlock out (probably making a seal trapping the gas). This is after less than 24 hours, and I'm getting a burp about every 3 seconds.
The Must has a nice color to it, and the raspberries are looking whitish. Would this be too early to rack this, or should I just try and get the raspberries out.
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members