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Session Mead, Yeast selection for s


Registered Member
Aug 11, 2019
I’d like to do a clone of St. Ambrose “Black Madonna.”

I’m confident in everything except for yeast selection. I’ve fermented a lot, traditionally, with great success (at least to make me happy) but have never made a sour. White Labs has a number of LAB cultures available, but the ‘wine/cider/mead’ varieties are restricted as ‘from the vault’ options. The available options for amateurs are designated as ‘for beer.’

So, wondering if the hive mind (heh) might have some suggestions for what to select for great results.

Black Madonna is a blackberry sour, but as things get harvested this summer, I’d like to try some blends with blackberry, black and red currants, raspberry, aronia, and elderberry.

Any and all ideas welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks - Brian
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