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Shamrock Open from rec.crafts.meadmaking


Registered Member
Mar 15, 2004
Found this on the news group. Thought I would put it here in case anyone is interested.

This is the same text I had sent to .brewing newsgroup, but my intent of course is to invite all the wonderful meadmakers to join the competition to! A stronger showing from our meadmakers this year would be wonderful.


Jim Navecky
Cary-Apex-Raleigh Brewers Of Yore (CARBOY)

"Jim Navecky" <darlanavecky@yahoo.com> wrote in message

>> The 9th Annual CARBOY Shamrock Open will be Saturday, March 12th at the
>> BB&Y
>> in Raleigh, NC.
>> Entry fees are $5 for all entries. The last day to enter is March 6th at
>> 5 pm.
>> The preferred method for entering beer is online at the website
>> http://hbd.org/carboy/shamrock.htm
>> Mail in entries should be sent to American Brewmaster or Jim Brewer, see
>> below for addresses. Local entries may be dropped off at American
>> Brewmaster
>> and there will also be a pickup for pre-registered beers at the TRUB
>> meeting
>> on Wednesday March 9th. No late entries will be accepted, so enter those
>> beers
>> by March 6th.
>> We encourage everyone in the area who can to sign up to help judge or
>> steward,
>> and lunch will be provided for those who help out. The competition is
>> registered with both the AHA and the BJCP. Again this year we are having a
>> raffle of wonderful prizes (the list of sponsors is just getting started).
>> For more information consult the website
>> http://hbd.org/carboy/shamrock.htm
>> or Mark Garwatoski the competition organizer at mark@food4dogs.com .
>> We hope to see you (or at least your beer) there....
>> Entries should be shipped to:
>> Shamrock Open
>> c/o American Brewmaster
>> 3021-5 Stoneybrook Dr.
>> Raleigh, NC 27604
>> Or
>> Shamrock Open
>> c/o Jim Brewer
>> 114 Swallow Hill Ct.
>> Cary, NC 27513
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