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Sign of the Bee - Honey Ale

Marshmallow Blue

Registered Member
Started a batch of Honey Ale to be ready for fourth of July a little over a week ago.

Units for 5 gallons:
Around 3.3 pounds of Extra Light Malt Extract (I used Muntons LME)
3.25 lbs Honey
2oz Hallertau Hops
Yeast : Muntons Standard Ale Yeast

Starting Gravity: 1.053

I only boiled the LME with the hops. I did not want to ruin the honey aroma by cooking it off. I did a 45 minute boil with the following hop schedule.
1.25oz Hallertau at 45 min
0.75oz Hallertau at 7 min

I'll be checking the gravity tonight and again this weekend before I bottle (if the conditions are right). I expect this to be a bit on the drier/ crisper side as something to drink for 4th of July festivities.

One could Argue this as a Braggot, but I am treating more as a beer because of wort/ hops boiling, the use of beer yeast, and its not enough abv to be a hydromel.

Marshmallow Blue

Registered Member
doesn't the apartment smell if you brew beer? also where in Boston can you get brewing supplies? ;D

or does the smell mark you as a brewer and therefore very popular with the college kids around you? ;D
1A. Yes the apartment smells great during primary Fermentation, unless its cider, that crap smells awful while fermenting.

1B-1. Modern Home-brew Emporium on Mass Ave in Cambridge
1B-2. I visit Salem / north shore a lot and theres a little hole in the wall called Bostin brewin' in Beverly.
1B-3. www.LabelPeelers.com because of the awesome prices and reasonable shipping

2. I tend to avoid talking to college folk because they are awfully full of themselves most of the time. I really need to move.

Marshmallow Blue

Registered Member
Bottled this past weekend. Gravity held at 1.010, so the ABV of this is 5.6%.

Drinking flat out of the last bottle, that didn't get filled all the way. Its very very mild hops aroma / bitterness and fairly honey forward. Can't wait until this is carbed up and fridged to see how it really came out.

Chevette Girl

All around BAD EXAMPLE
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Apr 27, 2010
Ottawa, ON
Huh, I should try something like this before summer's over... I even have the light DME just sitting there... although I think it'll be Saaz hops because that's what I've got.

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