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Specific Gravity, Brix, Potential Alcohol Chart

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Registered Member
Nov 14, 2005
Thanks, helpfull when trying to figure out the SG on a new brew.
Interesting how much final abv changes according to the formula, it is aclculated by...


Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Aug 19, 2005
Milwaukee, WI
Thanks to Oskaar, I have that chart posted above my basement Mead shelf, and taped inside my Mead log book, and in a folder at work, and I lost a copy somewhere in the pile of magazines at home. The better half is teasing me that it will be used as my Xmas card that I will be sending out to family. Cheeky woman ;)

It is a great tool and easy to reference quickly.



Senior Member
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Dec 3, 2003
Brisbane Australia
I used the tables from Ben Rotter as one of the reference tables for doing the Mead Calculator.

I couldn't decide which PA (%ABV) formula to use, so ended up doing a linear solution on the SG data that came with my Hydrometer, and came up with

%ABV = 139.706 * SG - 140.219

Maybe I should have used a non-linear solution ??? Either way, it is just to give an good indication, not to be perfect.
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members
Etowah Meadery - Drink Unique