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Stalled mead.

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Registered Member
Nov 6, 2017
I am making a mead I have made several times. 3.5 pounds of honey, water to make a little over a gallon. zest of one orange, crush 1/2 nutmeg nut, 2 cloves and 10 allspice nuts crushed and one cinnamon stick. I used QA23 yeast, go ferm and fermaid 0 day 1 and 3. Initial reading was 1.090. 9 days later saw no activity so checked a reading and it was 1.050. I gave it a gentle stir and added one more dose of fermaid to see if I could kick start it and it started fermenting again but now on 2/1 it has stopped again. Still reading 1.050. I am thinking about drawing off a cup, adding some 1118 to it and adding it back into the main but if that doesn't work any other suggestions? I have never had any problems with this recipe before.


Lifetime GotMead Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Nov 3, 2014
How old was your yeast? What temp did you pich at? How much yeast did you use? Your plan to restart is a little more involved that that. Download, or just look it up in the handbook. Search for " How to restart" This will get you going in the right direction. https://scottlabsltd.com/en-us/handbooks
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