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Strawberry Melomel


Registered Member
Sep 16, 2006
My first mead was heavly spiced and carbinated (yes) and kinda tasted bad. So I let it age about 4 months, and WAM!!! Tasted great and drank it all except 3 bottles . . . gonna be hard to save. In the mean time, with good feedback from the ladies I decided to hit the strawberry melomel:

Kinda cloudy after moving it to the counter for a photo, but the day after racking it cleared up amazingly.

And a closeup for a good look at the colors:

Basic 5 gal 15lb clover honey, some yeast (cant remeber what type hahah), and 2 lbs of fresh strawberrys at first rack. I froze the strawberrys in a bag, and smushed them up mosty when they were thawing. It was an instant color transfusion. At next rack I am gonna give it a taste test, and either bottle it, or add more stawberrys if needed to taste.

Now too bad I can not get any fresh sour cherrys or cheap raspberrys here in FL . . . any ideas?



Registered Member
Feb 13, 2006
Raspberries, check the net (gurney's comes to mind) and plant some. In the sun of FL they should take off like a rocket. I've got wild ones and hope to plant more here (PA) as well as some fruit trees.