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Registered Member
Jun 5, 2005
I'm looking to start up 3 new batches... was hoping on suggestions on amounts and yeast types...
The first one is easy, and have fully planned out. It's just a basic dry sparkling mead, have champagne yeast.
The second one is I was curious about making a lemon/lime mead. I love the citrus flavors, and am just worried about how much of each to add, so I don't get too much acid in the batch. I'm thinking semi-dry for this... sweet might be good aswell. ???
Lastly, I'm looking to make a semi-sweet apple butter cyser. Was curious what type of yeast would be best. I'm unsure but I'm thinking that my lhb only carrys red star yeasts. (they have ALOT of others, but mostly all beer related, not wine/mead).


Registered Member
Oct 6, 2004
I have never used any citrus in my meads, so I will not be able to comment on it.

ABC however, I can comment on:

Even when done properly, ABC tends to end up pretty sweet. If you want a semi sweet version, I would reduce some of the Muscavado, and DME a bit, however still use WYeast 3347. If you can not find WYeast 3347, you can try using a champagne yeast. I also recommend feeding the honey to the must over the course of the first month or two. This will help to ensure that the yeast does not crap out on you. Make sure you make a starter for this one! I would recommend checking out this forrum if you have not done so already.


Good luck, and keep us posted



Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Mar 19, 2005
Dubuque, Iowa
Ibiduin said:
The second one is I was curious about making a lemon/lime mead. I love the citrus flavors.
You just gave me a hell of an idea... throw some grapefruit juice in there and brew a sparkling 40 proof Collins Mixer. Yummy.

African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members