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Registered Member
Aug 30, 2004
As a T'ej lover I have decided that I'm going to start brewing it again, but not before I get a lot of practice brewing mead. Let me tell you the story. I love Ethiopian food. Ethiopian food is not only accompanied by t'ej but is an important ingredient in the stews (if only the English had figured that out in their cuisine!) Well I brewed some T'ej very crudely a few years back simply by mixing honey and water and hops, needless to say, it tasted like dukey. So now I'm going to follow the "My First Mead" recipe and do it right. Still, if I could get some gesho leaves, I would love to brew some proper t'ej.


GotMead Owner
Staff member
Apr 5, 1996
North Carolina
I've been toying with brewing a batch of my own, ever since going to Little Ethiopia in D.C. I found gesho leaves in a little grocery there, and have them at home.

If you like T'ej, there is a couple of articles with recipes on Gotmead, here:

There is also a meadery, Saba Tej, in New Jersey, that makes t'ej, both dry and sweet. I've tried their stuff, and its fab.


Oh, and here's a page with some Ethiopian food recipes...