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Thinking about starting next year

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Registered Member
Sep 8, 2009
Some questions...

All mediums or deep with shallows?

8 frame or 10 frame?

Won't be getting an extractor for a bit, so manual extraction it is... was thinking just scrape the comb, honey and all into a bucket, then pour that through a filter (cheese cloth?) to extract

Have a friend who has offered to supply bees, but, I don't know if he does a good job keeping mites away... should I order from a reputable vendor instead?

Speaking of... who should I order bees from? And my equipment?

Thinking about ordering an 8 frame beginner's kit from Brushy Mountain, then seeing if I can gen up a few more medium supers based on that kit. I'd order the frames from them, however.


Registered Member
Aug 29, 2004
Port Orange, Florida, USA
I'm using deeps for brood with shallows for honey production. A full deep weighs around 100 lbs which can be a problem when the bees get aggressive. I even screw a piece of 1x3 over the hand holds on the deeps for a better grip. Shallow supers cost about 2/3's of what a deep cost and you have the same amount of labor assembling the frames so it deeps are better if you are on a budget. I've noticed that the bees will fill up a shallow and cap most of the honey cells before moving up into the next super while there is a lot of uncapped comb at the end of a honey flow in deep supers. I'm using 9 frames in all my supers just because it is easier to pull a frame without crushing bees. Another plus with 9 frames in a 10 frame super is that the bees will build out the comb past the sides of the frames which makes it easier to slice the caps off. If you can find a mentor or a club to help get you started, there is a lot to "owning a bunch of bugs"
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members