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Total volume


Registered Member
Jan 30, 2009
Hi all...

When I see recipes, some say to add 3 pounds of honey and add 1 gallon of water. Others just say to use a 3:1 ratio, others say add the 3# honey and balance of water to 1 gallon. I ask this because I am using Hightest's Honey Calculator and it asks for the total amounts of honey and water. If I add 3# of honey, and add 1 gallon water I get a total volume of 1.25 gallons, if I want 1 gallon total using 3# honey I should only be adding 12 cups of water.
What way is correct?


Dan McFeeley

Lifetime Patron
Lifetime GotMead Patron
Oct 10, 2003
Either one is "correct" -- the constant you're looking for is the starting gravity. Three pounds of honey with enough water added to make one gallon of honey must will have a somewhat higher starting gravity, or density of the honey must, than three pounds of honey dissolved in one gallon of water.

Differing starting gravities will give you a different mead -- dry, medium or sweet. Choice of yeast strains and how much sugar they can chew through before finishing out will also affect how the mead finishes out.

Bottom line, if it's a good recipe that is recognized as giving good results, don't worry about it too much.