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UPDATE: GotMead.Com Changes

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Got Mead Partner
Dec 26, 2004
The OC
OK folks Vicky has moved the site to it's own dedicated server and you should see an increase in performance and a decrease in page load time.

I've been busy consolidating low activity forums and changing the display order of the GotMead.Com forums. Some forums have been eliminated entirely and consolidated with others that have similar content.

The Group Brew Log was consolidated with the regular Brew Log, and has been renamed to "The Mead Log" since it was long overdue!

The SCA forums for all kingdoms have been consolidated, as have recorded and period recipes. History and legends have also been consolidated.

There is now a "Mead Industry" topic forum which contains the former "Start your own...." threads combined with Mead Industry Job thread contents.

Wine and Spirits have been consolidated as well.

The "New Meadmaker Support" forums have been moved to a new forum called "Meadmaking Resource Section" which also contains the threads from the meadmaking topics, technical discussions, recipes and troubleshooting forum.

I've changed the display order of the forums as well so it flows a bit better from top to bottom.

I have also limited the forums that are viewable by unregistered guests temporarily. We're evaluating the performance impact of having unregistered guests browsing the forums.


Not open for further replies.