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Vanishing Fluff


Registered Member
Apr 18, 2005
I bottled a mead some time back, pulled a bottle from the case today to find STUFF suspended in the bottle, pulled the rest of them, all the same. Kind of looks like clumps of lint floating in the mead.

I opened and decanted a bottle, like magic this stuff disappeared without a trace. No sediment in the bottle, nothing floating in the decanter, just gone!

Smells about the same as when I bottled it, taste better.

Nothing off about the mead other then...

Vanishing Fluff?



Registered Member
Jan 9, 2004
Its a very fine sediment that forms in the bottle and then redispurses when the liquid is disturbed. I used to get something like what you're describing whenever i used sparkaloid (which is one of the reasons why i dont use it anymore).