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Well, this sucks

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Registered Member
Feb 28, 2006
Good side and a bad side...

I'm working in an IT company of about 100 people. Just last week I got promoted from Alpha Tester to 1st Tier Customer support. With a nice 25% increase in salary and a good chance for travelling to the US on bussiness trips. Got a company laptop and am allowed to work from home. So all pretty nice.

Yesterday: "We have to restructure to maintain operatibility..." meaning: about 40 people out of 100 got laid off. I'm lucky I keep my job. But people who are working here since the beginning (5 yrs) got fired. Including one that I was working with for 1.5 years, we were the only two frontend alpha testers. Instead the company keeps the new (inexperienced) tester, that replaced me a week ago... Ununderstandable.

I had a small office with 6 other people (including the tester), only one left after the cutoff. That hit me hard... I was lucky to have just switched positions, as Customer Support will be now done from Poland (for US), so our department is the only one actually growing instead of being cut.

The company did try everything to avoid it, and people at the top took paycuts. Even some took a voluntary 3 month leave from work, to keep money flowing.

I'm very glad for my job! I don't speak Polish, so finding a new job could be very hard for me. But it still sucks bigtime to have colleagues/friends loose their job.
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members