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What got you...


Registered Member
Apr 18, 2005
started down the path of the mazer, and what did you bring to this art from your background?



Premium Patron
Premium Patron
Feb 5, 2007
Hartford, Huntingdon, United Kingdom
Re: What got you started...

I was given a bottle of commercial mead as a Christmas gift from a buddy. I immediately (of course) cracked it open and we all shared it to see what mead was like. After that first bottle, I was hooked on mead.

As I'm sure a lot of you know it's sometimes difficult to locate a source for commercial mead (and the choices are ALWAYS limited). I finally got tired of trying to find different sources, as they would inherently run out and fail to restock, so I decided to try online ordering from the distributors themselves.

I actually found out about brewing my own mead by accident while I was searching for a good commercial source and was intrigued by the possibilites. When I got to this site I really started reading the in depth information here and pored over the recipes and stuff. That plus the forum, the articles, the history, the passion everyone seems to have for this hobby has totally infected me.

I want to learn as much as I can as fast as I can to develop my brewing skills. After I achieve some small talent as a mazer then I'll start trying out some variations of my own and see if I can come up with something special.


Registered Member
Nov 13, 2006
Wrath I tried your link and it took me to the front page....

What got me into mead making? I saw a commerical for Mr Beer. This amazing item let you put all the ingredients together into a plastic container, place it into the fridge, and you get beer.
I thought to myself "No way it can be that easy. There are centuries of beer making techniques and different flavors."

I checked the phone book and found a LHBS and bought the proper equipment and ingrediants. I loved it. I wanted to know what else I could make and at the back of the joy of homebrewing book was a recipe for mead. I loved it even more and pretty much gave up beer making for it.


Registered Member
Dec 22, 2006
A few years ago I got interested in making friut wines from my father-in-law. He was making wine in his kitchen and basement, and really liked to share his efforst with us. Some of the bottles were quite tasty, and others were...quite harsh.

Last year I took a trip to an island in my state. on that island is a winery, and in addition to gape wine they also make a blackberry wine and a raspberry wine. I tried both and fell in love! I wondered what made these wines so much gentler, tastier, and richer than the homemade wine my father in law made.

I decided to give it a try myself. I started with fruit wines last year, taking advantage of our huge surplus of blackberries here in Washington, and the abundance of fruit at the farmers market. I was hooked!

Somewhere along the line I remembered mead. I love mead, but my husband doesn't care for it, so I don't often bring it home. but the prospect of making my own was very tempting, so I decided to give it a shot.
I am just starting making mead this winter. I currently have four gallons in their secondary fermentation, and I can't wait until next year to gauge my sucess! I currently have fireweed and orange blossom mead going, and plan to try blackberry, raspberry, and a few other honeys this year.