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What to do with that bit of extra honey


Worker Bee
Registered Member
Jan 1, 2018
Montrose, CO
This probably isn't new, but I thought I'd share it here anyway as an idea for those who maybe haven't heard of it, or thought of it...

I was sort of making a vodka martini tonight, and was dreading the thought of putting sugar on the rim since I needed a bit of sweetness for balance. Then I thought, "hey, what about using honey on the rim?" I always have some honey in one of those PET plastic bears, and it turns out that turning that guy upside-down and just brushing the rim with the honey from the inside out (so no honey drips down the outside, but only to the inside) works pretty well. It's actually kind of pretty too. Crystalized honey may even work better.

I didn't have the ingredients on hand, but I'm thinking it would go great with a 'lemon drop' type of martini. Maybe any purists here don't see lemon drops as a martini, but get over it, many others do - LOL. :cool:

Have any mixologists on here ever done a mead martini (maybe with some gin or vodka)?


Registered Member
Feb 2, 2020
We use regular honey in every thing all our baking and pickling and some fruit preserves etc. If a recipe calls for a cup of sugar we use half a cup of honey and it works well.