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When to add fruit question

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Registered Member
Nov 14, 2004
i believe this was discussed before but i can't locate the thread and i need more advice. (i think oskaar addressed this)

lets say i want to make a cyser or melomel and i want to have some extra fruit or apple aroma or flavor when finished.

so i use say, 2 lbs of honey to a gal of fresh cider i start at 1.100 and cold stabilize at .020.

i hope i can get this question across right...

can i rack at that point, sulfate, sorbate and throw in some crabs or granny smiths and let age for a month or so then rack again?

is that a good thing to try or do?

now say i want to make a black current melomel, should i use the currents in the primary with the honey, or use the honey only and add the currents toward the end of the ferment?

this is always talked about but no real specifics on how to make this extra flavor work.

i drink rabbits foot cyser, it's without question the best i have ever drank. the big difference is the smell of the apples is awesome as well as the taste.

i guess i would like to start a thread and have a debate and old timer input on this topic.

thank you for your help and input, have a safe and happy new years!
African Bronze Honey - 50% off for GotMead members