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Wine storage project


Premium Patron
Premium Patron
Well I've found the perfect spot to build in a wine rack / cellar. still cutting pieces (about 600 so far, some assembly required, batteries not included...

View attachment 799

View attachment 800

So far I've reduced a stack of lumber 1 1/2 ft X 2 ft X 8 ft to a stack less than half that and a few boxes of pieces and a jig (and a mountain of sawdust!)
Will have 274 bottles of storage in a 4 ft X 6 ft floor space with an area for bulk storage and fermenting and temp control to boot.....wondered what I would ever do with that space between phase two and three of the house!


Registered Member
May 23, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
Good luck on the project! Very jealous that you have the space for all those bottles... especially since my current system is cramming stuff into any open floor/shelf space!

Chevette Girl

All around BAD EXAMPLE
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Apr 27, 2010
Ottawa, ON

I've been gradually fixing up my space too... currently it's like this, I made the wooden grid out of 1/4" plywood to fit dessert size bottles, and what you can't see are the two other storebought racks like the top one are behind the removable countertop, and I've got two other shelves on the other side of the freezer which are full of wine cases on their sides as extra shelving... I'm always trying to keep the area tidy and organized, but it's like one of those slidey-puzzles with one tile missing so you have to manoeuver everything around using your one bit of free space... only I don't have that missing tile to work with, the space is full of dirty wine bottles :p


(oops, this is an older picture, the big freezer is out of there and a chrome wine rack fits in beside the little one that's there now... what did I do with the new photo, I know I took one... bet it's still in the camera :rolleyes:)

Edit: found it...

The blue sheet protects the whites and the small bottles rack from the fluorescent lights, the shelf and countertop protect teh reds below, and everything else is in a case and/or has a collection of junk piled up in front of it...
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Premium Patron
Premium Patron
There always "just" enough space isn't there? Not sure where I'd put a visitor at the moment, until I get out of construction mode the spare room is pretty much the mead room, been getting out of hand that way so I undertook this project to reclaim the spare bedroom...anything worth doing at all is worth doing to excess....a genetic characteristic of us Houghtaling's!


I am Meadlemania
GotMead Patron
Sep 9, 2010
near a lake
Thanks and yea, you could park a truck on it and it's built in, not subject to being moved (kinda like me) so whoever I leave this place to ought to have or develop a taste for wine and anything I didn't polish off

Wow. I am very proud of you. You do awesome work. But please don't go leaving this beautiful bluegreen earth any time soon, OK?

Marshmallow Blue

Registered Member
Thanks and yea, you could park a truck on it and it's built in, not subject to being moved (kinda like me) so whoever I leave this place to ought to have or develop a taste for wine and anything I didn't polish off

Sounds like it might seal the deal for potential buyers. "Well the bathroom has that 70s Lime green tile top to bottom... BUT there is a nice wine rack 1/3 full of home brewed mead I didn't finish last night while I was crying about having to lave behind my beautiful rack"


Registered Member
Jan 4, 2012
Glens Falls, NY
Ill trade you a high quality McDonald's meal of your choosing for one wine rack. I might even throw in a can of Budweiser for your trouble. I will also expect the rack to be filled with your greatest meads to date.
Your client,
Marshmallow blue

I'd make a better offer than that, but I'd also want the whole wall wine rack in return. Steak, good beer and ANY dessert of your choice. ;)

Alas, you are very far away and I would not expect anyone to travel so far to be my slave.

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